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CGI - It’s about construction not just destruction

CGI - It’s about construction not just destruction

29 September 2015 CGI, Construction, 3D rendering, constuction marketing

By Mark Miles, Rendermedia

The mere mention of computer generated imagery (CGI) brings about images of Hollywood blockbusters, 3D digital content, the death defying action hero leaping off buildings, diving through explosions, and escaping throughout scenes of natural disaster and destruction. Rendermedia, has darkened the doors of major film studios but has adapted the same creative principles of CGI in the construction industry providing support across the design, construction and marketing process.


Before the foundations have been laid for construction developments, 3D architectural rendering using CGI is used to show stakeholders what the construction site will look like. With the use of precisely scaled images, photo real 3D images help to speed up the decision making process across national or global project management teams as well as external submissions to planning boards.


Construction teams utilise 2D drawings, CAD files, photos and building documents to create a scaled 3D virtual/digital version of the development before the actual work commences. This helps streamline the overall design and building process, and helps to control costs by identifying problems before they arise on site. It reduces scope creep and controls costs by reducing revisions in the building phase.


The virtual representation of developments once finalised can be used for a wide range of stakeholder communications. CGI animations/representations can take viewers on an interactive journey using different views and angles. It is difficult to differentiate between an image taken in the real world and a CGI representation. These files can be used in promotional assets such as virtual brochures and online videos allowing for the sales process to start early on, sell off plan before the project is complete.

So CGI is an integral part of both large and small building projects. It helps inform and refine the construction process at every stage. It reduces costs, improves safety, and maximises profits, efficiency and safety across construction project teams and the industry as a whole.

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