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Manufacturing - Gaining ROI from content across the supply chain

Manufacturing - Gaining ROI from content across the supply chain

15 January 2016 Manufacturing, CGI, digital content

In this digital age manufacturers often get just one chance to present their products to information hungry, time constrained consumers or end users. So content creation is essential to promote your offering and stay ahead of the competition.

Deciding to embark on a content creation strategy is certainly exciting, but as Mark Miles of Rendermedia suggests, “Taking a little guidance can certainly help save time and money as many of your assets can be repurposed or enhanced. Technologies and playback platforms are often changing so being aware of compatibility and legacy issues is a must. Having this knowledge has stood Rendermedia in good stead to educate clients and deliver projects on time and within budget.”

Rendermedia creates digital content across many sectors with manufacturing proving to be an established niche sector. Rendermedia prides itself on helping clients communicate complicated product functionality, in the wider context of how they are used, from widgets on planes, safety equipment and valves on oil rigs.

Businesses structures often vary, although asset and content availability and usability throughout the manufacturing supply chain is often an area where the Rendermedia consultative approach is second to none, pushing the boundaries to get maximum asset ROI. By digitising our clients' product and processes we can help speed up a client’s time to market in terms of product development feedback, training, education, promotion and sales.

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