There are different challenges that business face in the way that they tell their story and communicate to their customers. There are many different products and services to communicate and there are many different ways that this can be achieved. From imagery, to film to web there are many different platforms that require many pieces of content needed to help drive the message.

These are all very powerful platforms to communicate to your audience about who you are and what you do, but the challenge of film is that its not the best platform to contain different messages or speak to different languages because each message and language requires a bespoke piece of content to speak that particular message to that particular audience in that particular country.

But these platforms are unable to allow your customers to build a bespoke solution from your entire products and service offering that fits their needs around their business challenges.

At Render, we aim to answer these challenges and more, with immersive solutions that can be rolled out across your enterprise. Here’s how we address some of the common challenges:

The challenge

People and departments are dispersed around the world.

The opportunity

Transforming your digital assets aligns your content for the entire business.

We are consolidating and transforming data into content and solutions that are aligned and add value across the enterprise.

The challenge

Uncertainty around what CAD resources and data exist because people and data are operating in silos.

The opportunity

Improve collaboration between people and departments.

Our solutions unlock collaboration by enabling people and departments to experience and communicate information in ways that are more realistic and emotionally engaging.

The challenge

How to realise the full potential of CAD data, outside of its current use?

The opportunity

Easily integrate your CAD 3D to communicate products and solutions across the enterprise.

We create solutions that allow the entire enterprise to experience their products and solutions across their entire operations and systems. Using frameworks which give you the flexibility to swap out messaging and content so you have future proof solutions that continue to deliver your message in real-time.

The challenge

The sheer volume of platforms and content is overwhelming, while ever restricted budgets means pressure to do more with less.

The opportunity

Gain one solution with multiple uses and practicalities.

You benefit from a single integrated solution with the capability of communicating to different audiences across the enterprise, from new product development, to sales and marketing, and training.

The challenge

How do I integrate and deploy immersive solutions across my business?

The opportunity

Deliver solutions that can easily scale across your enterprise that integrate with your systems and operations.

We create solutions that connect different areas of your business with the technology partnerships to deploy solutions across your entire business. We have the strategy and roadmap that identifies the most suitable technology to scale across your business.

The challenge

What are the entry points to Immersive Technology?

The opportunity

Digital Transformation in Marketing makes a great entry point for using Immersive Technology.

Our solutions connect your departments together so that marketing can harness the value of your product data. Using the data to create solutions that integrate with your sales teams to deliver solutions that allow your customers to easily experience the application of your products and solutions in context to how and where they are used in real-time.

How immersive technology is transforming industry

Immersive technology is already digitally transforming industry, it removes the need for a person to be physically present in environments that rely heavily on “hands-on” expertise, such as in manufacturing and engineering. For example, a 3D rendering of product designs or factory layouts mean that facilities can be remotely monitored and attended to as needed, in real-time. This is helping make Industry 4.0 a reality for businesses.

We make Industry 4.0 a reality

Render delivers immersive innovation that solves business problems. With Industry 4.0 well underway, now is the time to futureproof your enterprise and plan out how you can adopt immersive solutions. We’re here to help you.

You benefit from a single application with the capability of communicating to different audiences across the enterprise – from new product development, to sales and marketing, to training.

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