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Swindon Based VR Studio Render took to the stage at the BBC Click Live event to showcase the potential of Augmented Reality in enterprise to an audience of around 400 people in the BBC radio theatre whilst the event was streamed live online.

Click, the BBC flagship technology show hosted a wide range of technology for the event which saw contributors from leading figures in immersive technology space such as Peter Jacksons AR from his renowned studio called wingnut, as well as the joint founder of Blippar and Bristol’s own Ultra Haptics.

Render was asked to appear on the show to showcase Apple’s new AR kit that saw Mark Miles the CEO showcase in front of the audience the example of a commercial airliner to the audience by literally overlaying the object inside the same room as the audience.

Another example showcased was Sir Frank Whittle’s Whittle 1 engine that Render built with Lydiard Park Academy as part of their STEM commitment to showcasing and delivering immersive technology into schools as part of a partnership to bring the curriculum alive.

Says Mark “we are working in such an exciting space at the moment with immersive technology and with the governments new industrial strategy outlined we can see the application of VR and AR in so many different areas of our lives and especially in business around Industry 4.0. So for us education is crucial in being able to expose people to this type of technology and out partnerships with leading manufacturers is allowing us to facilitate the building of an educational pipeline from education to industry that is allows us to show not just what we do but how  we do it to audiences from Click Live to schools and colleges across the region from year 6 to Sixth form. And to be a part of the click family and share what we do with some of the worlds leading technology brands in this space was amazing.

Says Click producer Emily Bates “Render offered Click live the type of experience that suited a live audience in being able to showcase their AR and help educate the audience and experience the effect and impression you get when sitting in the same room as a full size commercial jet in front of their own eyes. Renders experience in AR and VR in enterprise offered a great balance to the range of technology shown at the event.”

Says Mark “ The Click team were amazing from the producers to presenters and contributors. From the rehearsals of the show to seeing the whole team pull together for the live show was amazing to watch and offers a great platform to educate audiences on the technology. It’s really bizarre seeing presenter on TV then within 5 minutes they are sat next to you sipping on a coffee talking to you.

No stranger to taking to the stage and educating audiences Mark Will be speaking in February at the corporate insight breakfast hosted by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Valley Chamber of commerce alongside the government minster for apprentices and skills on how Render is creating a pipeline between education and industry around immersive technology.

Originally published in The Swindon and WiltshireBusiness Exchange