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As businesses embrace the fourth industrial revolution, where digital technologies sit at the heart of more and more industrial processes, Mark Miles, CEO at Render, explains the value of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to manufacturing in a recent edition of Manufacturing News by Crowe Clarke Whitehill LLP

Miles sums up the opportunities presented by immersive technologies:

Imagine being able to cut product development time from several days to a few hours. That is what Ford Motor Company did when they applied Virtual Reality (VR) to their grille design process, slashing the number of design iterations required. Now imagine cutting your sales cycle, notoriously long in the manufacturing sector, from months to weeks.

Such is the potential of VR and AR by offering a whole new dimension in communication where seeing and experiencing complex products and services in a real life, room-scale context delivers value in spades.

He explains the new possibilities opening up:

As industry 4.0 continues to materialise, businesses are rapidly embracing digitisation with broad reaching transformation programmes. VR and AR are central to digital transformation strategies, heralding a new way of doing business, where processes are more efficient and effective, thanks to digital technology.

 The beauty of VR is that it transcends borders and physical spaces, delivering virtual experiences where people all over the world can be in the same room at once, visualising and shaping everything from an aeroplane interior to a small piece of safety equipment, working together in a virtual space. AR meanwhile allows real products and data to be superimposed on the physical world, a customer’s site for example, facilitating another layer of communication again.”

And how that holds compelling applications for:

  • Product design and engineering
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Training
  • Health & Safety

VR and AR applications in manufacturing are available right now and evolving every day. With integration with Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 5G technologies just around the corner, the digital possibilities are exponential!

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Mark will be a panellist at ‘Manufacturing Issues and Opportunities’ on July 10th at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. The expert panellists will discuss challenges facing businesses in this sector in transitioning to industry 4.0 and raising funding.