Render App enables users to put 3D models of products and other assets at the heart of the communication process whether that is for sales, training and support or product development.

Virtually replicating a face to face product demonstration – even enabling a 3D full scale replica of the product to be placed in the room with each user with the added benefit of connected digital content such as images, video and sound embedded in the experience to quickly communicate key features, address customer questions.

Interactive features also allow customers to control the experience and interact with your products giving them the confidence they need to make a buying decision.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Features and Benefits

-Get your products in front of customers instantly

-Increased sales engagement

- Reduced sales cycle

- Lower reliance on travel

- Easily customise you content

- Cross platform for AR + Desktop

- Powerful CMS to enrich products

- Build libraries of content and collateral

- Share content across teams

- Multi users

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