Harnessing the value of your Data

The Challenge

We understand the challenges of working in a global economy. Where teams and resources are spread across different countries and continents. And data assets including CAD can be locked in siloes, hindering collaboration and agility. The effective use of data is fast becoming essential for businesses to compete, so ensuring your data is accessible and shared is fundamental to success.

Unlock the potential of your CAD data

Imagine being able to break down siloes and open up your CAD data to the rest of the organisation so that everyone can benefit from an immersive content solution – from product development, sales, marketing, training and education, right through to your logistics and operations.



How we can help

Render maximises the usefulness of your CAD data by utilising it to create innovative virtual and augmented reality solutions that allow you to effortlessly communicate your products and solutions in an immersive, real-time context – all within a single, scalable application in the cloud. This means it can be shared, updated, repurposed, and rolled out time and again. And because our solutions integrate with your existing systems, they keep delivering value back to your business too.

Transform data into a single immersive content solution that integrates with your existing systems and adds value across your enterprise.

With Render you have an immersive solution that enables users – from your customers to your employees – to experience the application of your products and solutions in real-time.


The benefits

  • Maximises the usefulness of your data across the business
  • Delivers a real-time immersive content platform that’s future proof
  • Cost effective
  • Saves time and resources across the enterprise

How our immersive solutions benefit…

Product development & engineering

Designers and customers can more effectively collaborate in the design phase and reduce errors. For example, testing prototypes or assembling products in real-time within a simulated factory environment.


Customers can experience your latest products in a virtual sales room, where you can transport them to virtual environments to see your products in action – the deck of an oil rig for example.


Enable customers to immerse themselves in your products, processes, and services for a unique, tailored experience that goes beyond the capabilities of video to deliver something unforgettable.

Training & education

Deliver training and education anywhere in the world. Students simply dial in from their own in-room VR location to take part – our solutions also help break language barriers too.


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