Virtual reality

Allows your customers and users to experience virtually anything, anywhere, any time

Bringing Airbus to life

Experience the finer detail and every facet of your products and solutions in context and in application to how and where they are used.

Experience your products and solutions in application and in real-time

A storytelling superpower, virtual reality (VR) offers unmatched immersion and creative scope so you can enable customers and users to emotionally experience your brand and products in ways never seen before. VR teleports you so you’re completely immersed in the virtual world both emotionally and physically.

Virtual Reality Takes Industry 4.0 to the Next Level

Virtual reality (VR) is dramatically changing the enterprise landscape. Immersive environments let users explore products, processes, and services in the context of how they are used. Not just another type of content, VR is a solution that enables the enterprise to customize content to create new immersive experiences for different audiences across the business globally—without creating brand new content. The following examples illustrate that VR can go far beyond industrial manufacturing, with the power to digitally transform a wide range of industries.


Augmented reality

Superimposes a virtual product or concept into the real world, enabling customers and users to explore it in context

Experience the finer detail of your products and services in real-time

Augmented reality (AR) enables you to bring virtual products or concepts into the real world, so customers can see them working in context. Imagine being able to virtually show a customer your range of products installed in their premises in real-time – AR makes this possible. This takes marketing your products to the next level, by showing customers how your products can be simply integrated into their business and communicates your complete offering not limited to single products, but a complete solution in context.

Experienced through smart devices such as Android or iPad, Render’s AR solutions are enabling businesses to more easily demonstrate how products can be applied in a real-world context, helping simplify sales, marketing and product training. As part of a wider digital transformation strategy we are implementing AR as an integrated solution across the systems and operations in enterprise.


Mixed reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR) sometimes known as hybrid reality has emerged to enable both physical and digital objects to co-exist and react to each other in real time. Through transparent glasses such as HoloLens or Meta Glass – MR enables experiences that can showcase products or enable you to deliver training in innovative ways.

MR has a big part to play in the Industry 4.0 movement which is all about connectivity and information. It uses data capture by the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help visualise virtual data in real-time. This has a huge benefit to the manufacturing sector. Imagine workers in a factory environment with overlaid instructions or diagrams to help with efficiency and training or multiple users from all over the globe being able to interact with a product in real-time.

Immersive apps

Consolidates volumes of information into an easy-to-navigate, contextual experience that you control

Engage with a global or local picture of your business in a single application

Immersive apps enable enterprises to turn their entire product and service catalogues into intuitive, touchscreen experiences, and can reflect real or conceptual worlds. Ideal when you want to capture everything about your product in one place for different audiences, while ensuring a visually engaging and effortless user experience.

For example, Render developed an immersive app which allowed users to experience a customer’s complete offering in real-time and in context. As a branded 3D “world’, it featured different areas of the business which would animate in real time, responding to user interaction, deepening users’ engagement with the brand. The app was also designed to be completely seamless, ensuring users could navigate through high volumes of information in just a few clicks.

This solution is a long term asset to the business as it can be continually updated with the latest content so the application is always evolving with the offering. It can have multiple uses to maximise your ROI, as well as providing you with a marketing and sales tool it can be used to gather data and analytics that give your business valuable insight into what customers are interested in by what they are viewing in app.

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