The Challenge

When Arval approached Render, it was to find a fresh new way to communicate their sales messaging, elevating it above brochures and PDFs to represent Arval in a more engaging and dynamic way, while equipping sales teams with the tools and information they need to sell the complete Arval offering.

The Challenge


A big challenge was the volume of products and services on offer across the business. Our brief was to find a way to consolidate and showcase Arval’s broad offering in a way that would connect with multiple audiences while taking Arval’s marketing to the next level.

Our Response

Creating ‘Exploring Arval’

Working closely with the team at Arval, we problem-solved the challenge by identifying the target audience together with how and where the messaging would be used. With this insight, and utilising Arval’s existing range of marketing assets, we devised an all-encompassing immersive app to bring Arval’s complete proposition to life in real-time for audiences. Designed around our concept of the “Exploring Arval”, the app offered users an immersive portal which allowed them to experience Arval’s complete offering in real-time and in context. The app also ensured that users were never more than three clicks away from the information they needed. We also created 3D models of Arval’s UK offices – Swindon, Manchester and Birmingham – and featured them within the branded  Exploring Arval, for a more immersive and personalised touch.

More than a sales tool

The app was going to be used at events, so we integrated an augmented reality (AR) element into the experience for impact. This enabled users to see the Arval World come to life in real-time 3D, making the experience more engaging and memorable. Equipped with analytics capabilities, the app also adds value as it provides Arval with a unique insight into what customers and prospects are most interested in. We also designed the app to be future-proof, so that it could solve Arval’s marketing needs today and in the future. The app currently holds over 50 PDFs and 30 videos, but as the business grows and/or audience requirements change, it can scale to feature more.



The Results

A comprehensive and engaging solution that incorporates Arval’s entire offering whilst creating a wealth of assets at Arval’s disposal for AR, VR and Apps that be reused and repurposed across the business.

Integrated marketing solutions

Not only does the app deliver on the objectives to consolidate a high volume of information in the form of Brochures, PDFs and Videos all into one easy to use, visually engaging application. It also holds a wealth of assets Arval can reuse and re-purpose as part of an integrated marketing solution across VR, AR, and immersive apps.


One solution a lifetime of benefits

This solution is a long term asset to the business as it can be continually updated with the latest content so the application is always evolving with the offering. It can have multiple uses to maximise your ROI, as well as a marketing and sales tool it can be used to gather data and analytics that give Arval valuable insight into what customers are interested in by what they are viewing in app.



Game-changing immersion

One way ‘Exploring Arval’ was used in their wider marketing strategy as part of digital transformation strategy is through a Virtual Reality experience that shortly followed the launch of the app. Arval were looking for something extra to attract interest at exhibitions. Our solution was to gamify the Exploring Arval  in virtual reality (VR), making it a fun and memorable experience while raising awareness of Arval’s brand and offerings. Arval submitted the VR game for an internal award at its “Best External Comms” initiative, and it won.

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